*This facility is advantageous for reservations from the Official*

The price is set at a discount of "up to 1,100 yen" per person compared to other reservation sites.
Please make a reservation from the Official website!
*The discount rate depends on the plan.

Information on national travel support

  • Notice of National Travel Support Extension

    National travel support has been extended until March 30th (Thursday)!

    The reservation start date for the extension period is January 27, 2023 (Friday).
    *Existing reservations are not eligible, so please make a new reservation.

    Target period:From Tuesday, January 10, 2023 to Thursday, March 30, 2023 for accommodation
    Discount amount :20% of travel price(Discount limit is 3,000 yen)
    sightseeing coupon:Electronic coupon: 1,000 yen per night on holidays, 2,000 yen on weekdays
    Discount terms:3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine or negative test results

    *Customers who make a reservation on each reservation site, please check how to apply the national travel support of the reservation site.

  • For Customers Using Nationwide Travel Assistance

    If you are using Nationwide Travel Assistance,
    Certificate of vaccination for 3 doses,negative test certificate
    Please be sure to bring your ID with either of the above.

    If you forget it, you will not be able to receive a discount for national travel support.

    This must be presented even if you made a reservation through a travel website.
    If you can not confirm, you will be asked to pay for the discounted amount on site.
    Also, sightseeing coupons cannot be distributed.

    You can download the Safety Declaration Card from here.
    Please click the title.


  • \Well, it ’s delicious! /We have started selling apricot inari bento!

    We used apricots, a specialty of Chikuma City.
    Ogiwarakan's special "Apricot Inari Bento" is now on sale!

    Apricot Inari Bento 1,500 yen(Tax included)
    ・Inari of apricots from Chikuma City
    ・Shinshu Fukumi chicken grilled with rock salt
    ・Tamagoyaki with Kujo green onions
    ・Our special simmered botan pepper and jiuqu
    ・Himekko apricot pickled in syrup

    ●We accept from 2 servings
    ●Please apply for your order by noon the day before
  • 《Hometown tax payment》Notice of extension of accommodation period!

    For guests with accommodation vouchers with half board

    We will extend the accommodation period based on the situation of the Novel Coronavirus

    *Target person:Customers whose accommodation voucher is valid after May 20, 2020
    *Extension period:Until March 31, 2023 (check-in)

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    As of January 11, 2023

Ogiwarakan's Hospitality(Hospitality)

  • For a trip of three generations.Please spend a memorable time at this facility.

    Family trips for all three generations
    For baby's hot spring debut and accommodation with small children.

    We strive to create an environment where people can spend their time with peace of mind and enjoyment.
    Anniversaries, longevity celebrations, birthdays, etc.
    If you have a request for a gift or a surprise
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Hospitality Inn"Ogiwarakan"

    This facility serves as Hospitality Inn
    Each staff member is a customer
    So that you can spend a relaxing time
    We try to serve customers politely.

    In this place rich in nature
    Please spend a leisurely time with your loved one.
    Reunion with everyone, new encounters
    We look forward to working with you all.
  • Meals will be prepared in a safe "private room meal"

    Cherish your private time,
    This facility is available in private rooms or rooms for plan
    *You cannot choose between private rooms and room meals.
     We will guide you according to the accommodation situation on the day.

Introduction of Ogiwarakan

  • 【YouTube】Welcome to Ogiwarakan.

    surrounded by mountains,
    Zenkoji Temple Visit is located in Togura Kamiyamada Onsen, which is famous as Shojin Otoshi (the end of maigre days) no yu spring for Zenkoji Ogiwarakan.

    As an inn of hospitality,
    Each and every staff member is dedicated to ensuring that our guests have a relaxing time.
    We try to serve customers politely.
    In this place rich in nature
    Please spend a leisurely time with your loved one.
    All the staff are looking forward to seeing you again and meeting new people.

    *Please click the title when viewing on a smartphone.*


Google Map

Hotel Name



1-31-3 Kamiyamada Onsen, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



6 minutes by taxi from Shinano Railway Togura Station
15 minutes from Joshin-Etsu Expressway Sakaki Interchange
20 minutes from Nagano Expressway Koshoku Interchange

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
Two or more people will pick you up at Shinano Railway Togura StationAdvance reservation required.
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Tourist information

  • Chikuma River River River Sap Experience 2nd in Oike Kogen

    Oike Kogen is a very quiet place surrounded by mountains with spring water, about 10 minutes from the terraced rice fields.
    Unlike the experience at Chikuma River, the sap experience here is recommended for beginners, families, couples, and women because there are no waves or currents!
    Implementation date
    Held daily from June 20th to October 31st, 2022
    Start time
    From 10:00 to 12:00【About 120 minutes】
    Adult(s):5,000 JPY
    Elementary school students and below::3,000 JPY
    2,000 yen when riding with parents
    *The target age of this experience is 5 years old and over.*Applications from 3 or more people can be accepted
    You can also enjoy BBQ after the experience! Please also apply for the BBQ lunch set.

    Click the image for details such as application!


  • "Ogiwarakan Apricot Inari" has been certified as a trademark!

    Mr. Inari with "Apricot", a specialty of Chikuma City, and miso-zuke of radish
    Sweet and sour apricots are delicious! Very popular with children!

    Lunch boxes with apricot inari that can only be eaten at Ogiwarakan are available for 2 people or more.
    Please place your order by noon the day before.

    A service manager special apricot inari lunch box gift plan is also on sale for hotel guests!
    Click the image to make a reservation!
  • \Ogiwarakan will work on SDGs! /

    This facility aims to realize a sustainable society in the future.
    We have registered with the Nagano Prefecture SDGs Promotion Company.

    Each employee
    "Is there anything you can do in your life?"
    Focusing on cost and cost reduction by changing consciousness little by little,
    To lead to food loss reduction and environmental conservation in Nagano Prefecture
    As a company, we will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
  • \Click the image to register as a friend / open an Official LINE account! Looking for friends!

    \ You can register as a friend by clicking the image /

    !! Deals distribution
    !! Stamp card that can be used indefinitely
    !! Automatic chat response function to answer customer's questions

    The automatic chat response function is available 24 hours a day!
    "Parking", "convenience store", "meal time", etc. ..
    Feel free to ask any questions before or during your stay!

    *The content and answers of your questions are updated from time to time.
    Some questions cannot be answered automatically.
    Please understand.

About new coronavirus infection control

  • We are implementing measures against infectious diseases.

    ・An acrylic board to prevent infection is installed on the front desk.
    ・We ask all customers to cooperate in temperature measurement when they visit us.
    ・We have installed disinfectant sprays throughout the facility, including the entrance.
    ・All employees wear masks.
    ・We rent disinfectant sprays.
    ・Breakfast was usually guided to the dining venue on the first floor, but to prevent infectious diseases,
     Both dinner and breakfast will be served in a private room or in your room.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.