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Hot Springs

Of this facility"Bihaku-no-yu"

The hot Togura Kamiyamada Onsen, which is also famous as Shojin Otoshi (the end of maigre days) no yu Zenkoji Temple Visit
It heals the body and mind with abundant amount of hot water and efficacy.
You can enter both the rooftop open-air bath and the large communal bath at any time.
  • Men's open-air bath"Arato"

    An open-air bath at this facility overlooking the mountains of Shinshu
    Enjoy the different atmosphere of the open-air bath during the day and evening.

    The men's open-air bath is on the 5th floor.
    2014 renewal.We use Norwegian Emerald Pearl
    Hot spring bath hours
    After check-in until 9:30 the next morning
    Hot spring bathing category
    Men's bath
  • Women's open-air bath"Chikuma"

    The women's open-air bath is on the 5th floor.
    2014 renewal.We use Teppei Stone Produced in Saku

    Free private open-air baths are available Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00.
    *Excludes days before holidays, consecutive holidays, and special days (Golden Week, Kyubon (Bon festival holidays of the lunar calendar)).
    Please make a reservation as soon as possible as it is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Hot spring bath hours
    After check-in until 9:30 the next morning
    Hot spring bathing category
    Women's bath
  • Men's public bath"Rock bath"

    It is a spacious large communal bath where you can relax and enjoy the fresh natural hot springs without adding anything.
    Togura Kamiyamada Onsen has more than 50 sources, and this facility bundles 9 of them.
    Therefore, the amount of hot water is abundant, and one of the attractions is that the color changes even during the day.

    The men's public bath in the rock bath is on the back of the first floor.
    There is a hot spring in the rock bath.
    Hot spring bath hours
    After check-in until 9:30 the next morning
    Hot spring bathing category
    Men's bath
    Amenities:Soap/Body soap/shampoo/conditioner
  • Women's public bath"Cypress bath"

    The women's public bath in the cypress bath is located at the back of the first floor.
    Please enjoy Bihaku-no-yu", which has a reputation for making your skin fair and smooth.
    Hot spring bath hours
    After check-in until 9:30 the next morning
    Hot spring bathing category
    Women's bath
    Amenities:Soap/Body soap/shampoo/conditioner
  • Dressing room

    Bath goods for children are also available at the dressing area.
    Please feel free to use it!
    Face wash/Toner/Emulsion/Comb/Shaving/Shower cap/Hairdryer
    Crib/Diaper BOX / Toys/Bath chair
    *amenities are available only in the men's dressing room and women's dressing room only.
    *Please bring towels / bath towels from your room.
  • Rest area

    Tea and water are available at the rest area.

Hot spring information

Hot Springs

Togura Kamiyamada Onsen (100% natural hot spring)*Does not include artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

Yes (both men and women (including time change), can be reserved)

Private Bath

Yes(There are conditions)

Number of baths

[Open-air bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[Indoor bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[sauna]Man:0 woman:0 Mixed bathing:0

Other bath facilities

Observation bath

Bath usage conditions

You can enter the hot spring at any time from check-in to check-out.
A 30-minute private open-air bath is available only on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) from 18:00 to 20:00.
*Please make a reservation as soon as possible as it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax Adults 150 yen will be charged separately.

Source place name

Togura Kamiyamada Onsen

Source name

Kamiyamada Onsen Co., Ltd. Source(mixture)
No. 26/No. 27/No. 30/No. 32/No. 35/No. 40/No. 41/No. 43/No. 46

Hot Spring Qualities

Alkaline simple sulfur hot spring

Spring temperature

44.0 degrees Celsius(Temperature 33 ℃)

Hydrogen ion concentration


Indications(Diseases and symptoms for which hot springs work)

For bath
Neuralgia/muscle pain/Joint pain/Fifty shoulders/Motor paralysis/Joint stiffness/Bruise/Sprain
Chronic gastrointestinal disease/Hemorrhoids/Cold sensitivity/Post-illness recovery period/Fatigue recovery/Health Promotion/Chronic skin disease
Chronic gynecological disease / cut wound / diabetes

Contraindications(Symptomatology that you should refrain from bathing)

For bath
Acute disease (especially if you have a fever) / Active tuberculosis / Malignant tumor / Severe heart disease / Respiratory failure
Renal failure / Hemorrhagic disease / Severe anemia / Other diseases in general

Precautions for bathing 1

A:When starting spa treatment, the number of baths in the first few days should be about once a day.
  After that, it should be 2 to 3 times.
I:The required period for spa treatment should be approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
C:Hot spring contact (hot water touch or bath water reaction) may appear about 3 days to 1 week after the start of spa treatment.
  During "hot water hit", reduce the number of baths or stop bathing and wait for the recovery of hot water hit symptoms.

Precautions for bathing 2

D:In addition to the above, please note the following points when taking a bath.
(A) The bathing time varies depending on the bathing temperature, but it may be about 3 to 10 minutes at the beginning and may be extended as you get used to it.
(B) While taking a bath, generally keep rest, except for exercise baths.
(C) After bathing, do not flush the components of the hot spring that have adhered to your body with water.
 (For those who are prone to sores, it is better to wash your body with fresh water after bathing or wipe off the hot spring ingredients.)
(D) After taking a bath, pay attention to the cooling of the water and keep a certain amount of rest.
(E) As a general rule, high temperature baths (42 ° C or higher) are contraindicated for the following diseases.
B. Severe arteriosclerosis
B. Hypertension
C. Heart disease
(F) If you suddenly enter a hot spring, you may get dizzy, so be careful.
(G) It is desirable to avoid bathing immediately before and after meals.
(H) Be especially careful when taking a bath after drinking alcohol.


The floating matter in the bathtub is Yuka, a natural hot spring.
Corrosion of metals in the bathroom is due to the components of the hot springs.